Why is Solana the cryptomoney in fashion?


If there’s one thing the crypto world hasn’t been lacking lately, it’s promising projects. It seems that every day a new platform based on Blockchain technology is born, with the aim of breaking all the paradigms created so far. Being Solana one of these projects that seems to aim to become a pillar of the crypto world. So today we explain you why Solana is the crypto currency in fashion.

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Scalability in cryptosystems
To understand Solana, we must first understand the reasons that led to his appearance. Well, this project aims to definitively solve one of the biggest problems of the crypto world: the scalability in the main Bitcoin System of crypto currencies.

And that is, until now, this has been the main obstacle to achieve massification in the use of cryptomonies. As long as operations with virtual currencies take up to thirty minutes to be executed. They will not be able to serve as an efficient means of payment in our daily purchases, when we need the transactions to be executed immediately or in a few seconds.
Therefore, Solana aims to provide a definitive solution to the problem of scalability. By bringing together in a San Francisco-based company, a team of specialists with experience in top-level technology companies. For the construction of a new code based on Blockchain technology that allows the execution of transactions using its native crypto currency in a matter of seconds.

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Solana’s achievements
In this way, since its birth at the end of 2017, Solana has managed to build one of the most advanced block chains of today. Reaching the figure of up to 60,000 transactions per second according to its creators, with commissions as low as 0.000001 cents per transaction. Thus becoming one of the most scalable Blockchains in the world.

They have achieved this thanks to their innovative Proof of History (PoH) mechanism for transaction validation, designed by Solana’s own developers. This means that the network nodes that validate transactions do not have to wait for each one to be validated before moving on to the next one. This increases the speed of operations in the Solana Blockchain.

These technical advantages are already beginning to be noticed within the crypt world, since from its price set for the initial private sale of Solana at 0.04 cents, the crypt currency has already reached a price of 3.06 dollars. With a substantial increase since July 6 when it was at 0.77 cents.

This represents a return on the initial investment of the first buyers of Solana of 1,289.16%. It is one of the best performing crypto-currencies in the entire market, thanks to the technical capabilities of the project. With which Solana could make a place among the main virtual currencies in the world.